Corporate Training for Global Client

Orange Bay Education was founded by LUXE.CO in Beijing in 2017

Focused on fashion and luxury, we aim to provide the most systematic and inspirational education to the future leaders of the industry, emphasizing the importance of beauty and creativity as much as management and finance.

*LUXE.CO as a company is aspiring to lead the change of China’s high-end consumer industry with a range of innovative and well-integrated products and services, including media, education, research and consultancy.

Orange Bay Education has completed more than 1000 hours of teaching, and nearly 1500 students have participated in different types of Orange Bay courses online or offline.

Our in-house research team has developed more than 500 brand cases and themed lectures.

  • Sub areas including: luxury, fashion, beauty, jewelry, shoes and bags, sports and outdoors, furniture, retailers, boutique hotel and so on.

  • Covering the following aspects: brand building, communications, product innovation, entrepreneurship, consumer insights, brand renovation, merge and acquisition, sustainability, and China market.

Our corporate client including leading apparel group, commercial property developer, international beauty retailer, to name a few.

For global client, we offer corporate training according to specific needs, both online and offline. Please send your request to